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Title Company for Homes | South Florida

Close Under Clear Skies

When it comes to buying a home in the vibrant South Florida real estate market, the importance of a reliable and trusted title company cannot be overstated. At Palm Title, we take pride in being a premier title company and escrow service provider that has been simplifying real estate transactions for home buyers and sellers in the Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Miami areas.

With our extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we understand the complexities of the local real estate market. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an experienced investor, or a seasoned realtor, we are here to guide you through the entire process and ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

Handing over your house keys after making a mortgage contract, buying a home successfully, and becoming a home owner.

Removing the Clutter from Your Home-Buying Journey

As an impartial third-party entity, Palm Title plays a vital role in facilitating your home-buying process. We handle essential tasks such as conducting thorough title searches, consulting with all involved parties to set the closing date, and ensuring that all necessary documentation is obtained by the closing deadline.

Realtor is giving the keys to an apartment to clients. Focus on the keys.

The Essential First Step in Home Ownership

A title search is a key step in the home-buying process. It involves a detailed examination of public records to confirm the legal owner of the property and uncover any title defects or encumbrances.

As a leading title company, Palm Title conducts comprehensive title searches to ensure the property’s title is clear of any issues. This process includes researching the chain of title, conducting property surveys, and providing a title abstract for review before closing on the home.

Handing over your house keys after making a mortgage contract, buying a home successfully, and becoming a home owner.

Your Home’s Boundaries Are Important

Property surveys are a crucial part of the title search process that Palm Title conducts. One of the primary purposes of property surveys is to verify that the home you’re purchasing aligns with the space indicated on the title. This involves confirming the property’s boundaries and ensuring that it does not encroach on neighboring properties or public land. By comparing the legal description of the property with its physical boundaries, surveys help mitigate the risk of boundary disputes and legal issues down the line. The legal issues could potentially affect your ownership rights. 

Palm Title enlists professional surveyors to conduct these property surveys, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results. This meticulous process provides an added layer of assurance, enabling you to proceed with the real estate transaction confidently.

Title Insurance

Your Protection Against Unforeseen Claims

Title insurance is a protective measure that safeguards you from potential financial losses arising from claims or lawsuits related to previous owners. As a reputable title insurance company, Palm Title offers two types of title insurance policies: one for the buyer and one for the lender. These policies protect both parties financially and legally in case someone comes forward with a claim for the property.

Buyer’s Title Insurance Policy: What It Covers and Why You Need It

The buyer’s title insurance policy is designed to protect the home buyer’s investment. This policy covers any legal fees, unpaid taxes by a previous owner, or other title defects that might arise after the purchase. Essentially, the owner’s policy protects the home buyer from any discrepancies in the property’s title that were not identified during the title search process.

Title Insurance Cost and Coverage

Title insurance cost is typically a one-time fee paid when closing on the property. It covers the home for as long as the it is owned by you or your heirs. While the seller of the home usually pays for the buyer’s title insurance policy, the buyer pays for the lender’s policy. Title insurance protects against financial losses or legal costs from claims or lawsuits related to previous owners.

Closing Process and Settlement Services

Palm Title is committed to simplifying the closing process for our clients. We take pride in our ability to work collaboratively with all parties involved in the real estate transaction, ensuring a seamless closing experience that adheres to regulatory guidelines.

In addition to our standard services, we also offer settlement services to assist with any necessary changes or adjustments before the closing date, further enhancing the efficiency and convenience of the process.

We’ll Simplify the Closing Process

To begin, we conduct a thorough title search, meticulously investigating the property’s history to verify its legal description, check for unpaid property taxes, and identify any potential title defects or encumbrances. This step is crucial to ensuring a clear title and protecting your ownership rights.

As part of our commitment to a smooth closing, we handle all necessary changes before the closing date, such as adjustments to the final loan amount or the addition of a cosigner. We coordinate with all parties involved, ensuring that all legal documents are in order and that everyone is well-prepared by the closing date.

Handing over your house keys after making a mortgage contract, buying a home successfully, and becoming a home owner.

Easy Closing For Your Real Estate Transaction

Beyond conducting title searches and providing title insurance, Palm Title also offers settlement services to help close your real estate transaction. This includes preparing and reviewing the closing disclosure, calculating the final closing costs, and managing the signing of legal documents.

As a neutral third party, Palm Title ensures that all aspects of the closing process are handled fairly and transparently. This includes making sure that all funds are correctly distributed and that the legal owner of the property is properly recorded in public records. With Palm Title’s settlement services, you can be confident that your real estate transaction will be closed with utmost precision and professionalism.

Remote and Physical Closings

Flexibility for Today’s Home Buyer

Recognizing the need for flexibility in today’s fast-paced world, Palm Title offers both remote and physical closings. This means you can choose the option that suits you best, whether you prefer the convenience of closing from the comfort of your own home or the reassurance of a face-to-face meeting.

Remote closings allow you to review and sign all necessary legal documents electronically, saving you time and potentially reducing closing costs. Physical closings, on the other hand, provide an opportunity for you to ask any last-minute questions and ensure that all documents are correctly understood and signed.

Behind the Scenes

How Palm Title Streamlines Your Closing

Palm Title is committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient closing process. We handle all the behind-the-scenes work, reaching out to you only when necessary. This approach allows you to focus on the excitement of your home purchase rather than getting bogged down in the details of the closing process.

We also harmonize with the mortgage lender, real estate agent, and other parties involved, ensuring that all necessary steps are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Recommendation

Choose an Attorney-Owned Title Company for Your Home Purchase

One standout feature of Palm Title is that it is an attorney-owned and operated title company. This means that not only do they have a real estate attorney of record, but the company is also owned and operated by a legal professional. This gives them a unique advantage in navigating the complex legal landscape of real estate transactions.

An attorney-owned title company like Palm Title can provide expert legal advice and guidance throughout the home-buying process. They can help you understand the legal implications of your property survey, interpret the fine print of your title insurance policy, and provide advice on handling any potential title claims.

Navigating Changes Before Closing

The Palm Title Advantage

When buying a home, unexpected changes can often arise before the closing date. These changes may include alterations in the final loan amount, the addition of a cosigner, or even the discovery of title defects.

Navigating these changes can be daunting for both the buyer and the seller. With Palm Title, you have a trusted partner that can guide you through making these changes with ease.

Palm Title’s team of real estate professionals and attorneys is well-versed in handling such changes. We work closely with all parties involved, including mortgage lenders and real estate agents, to ensure that these changes are addressed promptly and efficiently. By doing so, we help avoid any delays in closing and ensure that the real estate transaction progresses smoothly.

Handing over your house keys after making a mortgage contract, buying a home successfully, and becoming a home owner.
Operating Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Palm Title can be reached at (954) 824-9920 or orders@palmtitle.com. Contact Palm Title today for a seamless, professional, and stress-free real estate transaction experience.

With Palm Title, you will close “under clear skies” and have your dream of owning a home in South Florida.

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Title Company: Home Buyers and Sellers | FAQ

Who gets to choose the title company in Florida?

The party that pays for the title insurance gets to choose the title company. In Florida, this is typically the buyer. However, the choice of title company can also be negotiated during the contract phase of the real estate transaction. Regardless of who chooses, it’s crucial to select a reputable company like Palm Title, which proudly serves South Florida lenders, homebuyers, and sellers.

Why does a buyer need a title company?

A buyer needs a title company to ensure a smooth property transfer. Title companies conduct crucial tasks such as running a title search to identify any title defects or encumbrances, coordinating the closing date with each entity involved, and providing an owner’s title insurance policy to protect the buyer against future claims to the property. Companies like Palm Title play a vital role in safeguarding a buyer’s investment, making them an essential part of any real estate transaction.

Is it worth shopping around for a title company?

Absolutely, it is worth shopping around for title companies. Different companies may offer varying levels of service, coverage, and costs. Shopping around allows you to compare these aspects and choose a company that best suits your needs.

Consider factors like the company’s reputation, the scope of its services, and its ability to provide a title insurance policy. Palm Title, for instance, stands out for our meticulous title searches and the protection we offer through owner’s title insurance.

Who hires the title company when buying a house?

Typically, the buyer or the buyer’s real estate agent hires the title company when buying a house. However, in some cases, the seller or the lender may choose one. The most important thing is to select a reputable and experienced title company, like Palm Title, that can streamline the real estate transaction process and provide a comprehensive owner’s title insurance policy.

How do I find the title company for my house?

You can find the title company for your house by checking the closing documents from your home purchase, specifically the HUD-1 settlement statement or the title insurance policy. If you’re planning to purchase owner’s title insurance, it’s crucial to find a reliable title company that can conduct a thorough title search and provide comprehensive coverage.

When does the title company get involved in the home-buying process?

The title company gets involved in the home-buying process as soon as the purchase agreement is signed. They conduct a title search to ensure the property’s title is clear of any issues and provide title insurance to protect the buyer from any potential future claims to the property. The title company also facilitates the closing process, coordinating with all parties involved to ensure a smooth and timely transaction.